Z-FI fuel injection control unit management module with specific cable Bazzaz

Bazzaz z-fi Bazzaz
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The Bazzaz Z-Fi control unit is significantly different from everything that is currently available on the market for several reasons. The unit manages, for the first time in an additional module, all the injectors ups and downs of all the bikes for maximum performance at all engine speeds, with the end result of the increased smooth power delivery, getting the maximum torque and maximum power.

The mapping is developed on 12 steps to intervene in accordance with the degrees of opening of the throttle valve from 0% – 5% – 10% – 20% – 30% – 40% – 50% – 60% – 70% – 80% – 90% – 100%, and 36 rpm steps interpolated jumps of 500 rpm, starting from 0 rpm up to redline, so with an incredibly wide range of intervention and without limitations, of 432 intervention points interpolated make the mapping curve more effective. Each unit comes with a special waterproof wiring, unique in its kind, with more than double the diameter cables on the market, for maximum signal accuracy and lower leakage current, while the application uses only connectors OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ie as the originals, for easy installation, and maximum reliability even in the most difficult conditions such as water, vibration and heavy loads. This strong combination of quality of wiring, connectors and control unit box, merges into a product designed to last over time. Thanks to a really professional wiring that will interface with the connectors on the speed sensors, neutral, engine speed, crankshaft position, throttle position and another according to the case, the control unit is capable of detecting not only the number of revolutions and l ‘opening butterfly valve but even the gear engaged with the possibility of having the map equal for all gears or individually diversified in percentage according to the ratio engaged from 1st to 6th gear, for maximum customization for every circuit and terms. The unit is plug-and-play, and is specific for each bike, ensuring maximum compatibility with the features of each type of motorcycle. Each unit is pre-programmed for the original exhaust system or an exhaust racing. An external switch, optional, for the second map is useful to be able to customize the bike in different configurations, including using the same exhaust with db-killer or without db-killer.

available is the optional Z-AFM, auto fuel mapping, for self-mapping of the ECU

General overview:
  • The very first unit in the world to manage the 8 injectors in a single module
  • Mapping with 432 interpolated points of intervention
  • Plug and Play installation with OEM connectors and wiring waterproof
  • Possibility to change gear and mapping for single-cylinder internal / external or front / rear
  • Stores two maps with the possibility to switch to the handlebar
  • Ability to auto-mapping by purchasing the optional Z-AFM kit
  • Supplied with USB cable and software

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