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The QS4-USB is the updated version of the famous shifter Bazzaz Performance QS-4 Quick Shift. This tiny unit together with the transmission sensor in compression “push” or increasing “pull” with the quick shifter allows clutchless speed-up having the throttle open, allowing rapid changed without using the clutch and then full power for get better and better lap times. Bazzaz has developed a new electronic shift sensor more and more accurate and fast that every shift is an immediate reaction of shifting. Now the Q4-USB Stand Alone Quick Shifter also includes a kit of adapters for all applications, for ease of installation. Can be used alone or as an upgrade to the ECU Bazzaz Z-FI fuel control. The sensor electronic gear by now well-known and recognized by many teams and fans as the most accurate and reliable, it has an optimal load for a fast shifting extremely fast and precise in all gears. The unit employs QS4 a very advanced technology perfect for the races. It is adjustable to allow maximum customization of the innovation that changed with the times of power cut are customizable in all gears. The shift times are variable with range from 0 to 125ms in increments of 5ms. Even the range of intervention of the number of revolutions is variable gear by gear. Another important feature is that the control unit recognizes the gear performs power cut from 1st to 5th gear, and does not make annoying power cuts even in 6th gear causing loss of time, declines in motor revolution, and preserving the engine same from breakage. The wiring of the transmission is innovative, sophisticated and acts on all 4 coils. The wiring is specific to each bike with Plug & Play installation for maximum efficiency for your bike. The various applications are specific for all bike models listed, complete with everything you need for mounting and using OEM connectors for simple installation.

The kit comes complete with everything you need with control unit, wiring, change in tension or compression (on request) and rod kit. Is bundled with software and USB cable for the mapping.
General overview:
  • The same features of the Z-Fi fuel management
  • Gear change in full power to improve the lap times
  • Time-shifting can be optimized in each gear
  • Accompanied by specific sensors and rod for each specific installation kit

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