• Exhaust muffler silencer ARROW X-KONE STEEL homologated ECE EURO4 + link pipe Arrow (cod. 71717MI+71901XKI)

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Exhaust muffler silencer ARROW X-KONE STEEL homologated ECE EURO4 + link pipe Arrow

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Exhaust muffler silencer ARROW X-KONE STEEL homologated ECE EURO4 + link pipe

X-Kone silencers were designed at first to be used in our Competition and Competition Full Titanium systems. The results ad appreciation these silencers got suggested to create a separate line of standard systems, using a new carbon endcap, designed to fit naked and sportbikes. The internal structure of the silencer is in stainless steel, silencer body is in Nichrom (an alloy with stainless steel) with satin finish: depending on the bike X-Kone silencers can be fitted on the original silencers (as a slip on – with an adaptor) and/or on the Arrow collectors (part of the full system) and they are secured to the frame by means of a mount welded on the upper side of the body. Noise damping is achieved by absorption: this enables to reduce the weight and the dimensions of the silencer: the weight of the silencer is about 2.2kg, typically 30/40% less than the OE. Even installing the slip on version only helps increasing performance, logically using the X-Kone silencer with Arrow collectors gives the best performance gain. Fitting an X-Kone is easy and fast and these systems do not require to change original settings of the ECU or to add a separate ECU module. Arrow suggests to check CO levels once the exhaust is installed. X-Kone silencers are street legal with baffle.

  • Silencer material nichrom stainless steel HOMOLOGATED ECE EURO4
  • Rear endcap material carbon fibre
  • Silencer inner parts material stainless steel
  • Silencer mounting welded mount
  • Silencer body lenght (mm) 300,00
  • Junction (inlet) diameter (mm) 50,00
  • Junction (outlet) diameter (mm) 50,00
  • dbKiller YES

€ 429,00  -18%   € 351,78